Pre-Work monkii Core Routine

Pre-Work monkii Core Routine

Hey monkiis, I have made it a rule to do some form of exercise every morning. It could be all monkii-ing, it could be yoga, it could be going for a run, or it could be a few Squats before I have to...

coremonkii Hang - 5 Exercises

monkii Hang - 5 Exercises

There has been a lot of psyche around the isometric/static monkii exercises lately so I put together a 5-exercise progression of core movements from the monkii Hang. 

coreCore from Dip  Support (Static and Dynamic Strength Progression)

Core from Dip Support (Static and Dynamic Strength Progression)

Core training is the foundation for body hardening.

bicepsStatic Strength for monkiis

Static Strength for monkiis

This is a great exercise to do throughout the day in the 'grease-the-groove' style.

abs10-minute Intense Core Workout

10-minute Intense Core Workout

This is an EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute) workout and the idea is to complete the 20 reps as fast as you can and then rest the remainder of the minute. 

core4 Exercise for Wilder Planks

4 Exercise for Wilder Planks

I always will find the 'Plank' there waiting for me. It's solid; it's effective; and there are a variety of ways to add some flavor to Planking.