Who We Are

We're just living life - family Ruck.



Hi, I'm Dan. Founder of wild gym.

I was walk-on Division 1 college athlete. I made the team after being cut my freshman year. The summer before my Senior year I worked as a Wilderness Ranger. To stay in shape for athletics, I constructed an all-natural "wild gym" where I squatted logs, lifted rocks, and did pullups from tree branches - think Rocky 4 training montage. I left the wild in the best shape of my life. The following season I earned a starting role as well as a scholarship.

After college I spent 5 seasons as a Wildland Firefighter and Wilderness Ranger. I continued to maintain my athletic training regimen and I also noticed that one exercise in particular was integral to my training - Rucking.

Rucking is the foundation of wild gym. Rucking is inherently done outside and is scalable for all ability levels.

We were made to carry weight - let's honor our wild roots.


Our Mission:
To help you be comfortable being uncomfortable - outside.

Our Vision:
To make Rucking as popular as running and walking and inspire people to live like an athlete.

Our Values:

  • Time outside.

  • Consistency.

  • Action.

  • Living the examined life.

  • Doing what you can with what you have.

  • Expanding the imagination of what is possible.


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