Neon Buffalo

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Neon Buffalo is a complete gym in a bag.

*The UNFILLED version does NOT come pre-filled with any weight*

Options for filling the unfilled version can include: play sand, pea gravel, landscaping pebbles, steel shot, or even a length of chain surrounded by sand. There are endless options! Most of these things are available at home improvement, hardware, farm and garden, and landscaping businesses. Neon Buffalo is not a Water Buffalo so it is not intended to hold water. 

Neon Buffalo a modular strength system that easily fits in your living room or home gym. Training with Neon Buffalo will help you build muscle, increase strength, improve your conditioning, help burn fat, and make you tougher and more durable. It promotes functional fitness that will make playing with your kids, playing in the outdoors, and playing with friends effortless and more…fun.

You’ll also notice improved performance in your favorite hobbies while also reducing the likelihood of injury. Remember, strong people are harder to kill and more useful in general. neon buffalo is the best sandbag trainer on the market and allows for imaginative workouts that a quick, fun, and effective.

Neon Buffalo workouts combine 3 core elements: Strength, Conditioning, and Isolation. You start with Strength by doing exercises with the full, heaviest bag. Next comes Conditioning, you open the strength bag and remove the Conditioning insert for a face paced conditioning session. Lastly, you remove the Isolation inserts and finish with a focused isolation pump.

Neon Buffalo is made with extremely strong and durable materials. Our base material is made from UHMWPE – a material that is stronger that steel.

Adding weight to Neon Buffalo is hassle free and takes just a few minutes.

The unstable nature of Neon Buffalo combined with our intentional training programs means that you can get a legit workout without heavy weights. The included training programs show you exactly how to do each exercise and walks you through the entire workout. You’ll have a plan to keep you consistent and accountable. If you do the work – we guarantee you will see results and become an all-around wilder human being.