monkii Hang - 5 Exercises

monkii Hang - 5 Exercises
"See the opportunities for adventures, not the constraints that get in the way."
― Alastair Humphreys

The specs:
Single-Leg Tuck Hold
Tuck Hold
Single-Leg L-Hold
Straddle Hold
*All from monkii Hang.

Hold each exercise for as long as you can stopping 3-7 seconds BEFORE you reach failure. If you are new to these exercises, start with 3 sets allowing for full recovery between each. If you are a seasoned monkii, work up to 5-6 sets, or, see how much time you can accumulate in the hold throughout an entire day.

monkiis ask and they shall receive. There has been a lot of psyche around the isometric/static monkii exercises lately so I put together a 5-exercise progression of core movements from the monkii Hang. They start off easier and definitely get Wilder as you progress. At first, I thought the Straddle Hold would be harder than the L-Hold, but I think it's the reverse... The monkii Elders want to know, what do you think, monkii? I like to do these exercises as part of a circuit that is done at a relatively casual pace. If you have not done a lot of exercises like these, I recommend not going to failure but rather stopping well before you reach your limit. This will ensure that you perform quality reps and build up the 'strength-skill' for the exercise. After you have done the movements for a consistent amount of time, then you should definitely do a MAX HOLD to see where your Wildness is at. As you continue to train, you can keep beating your old time as you get Wilder.

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