4 Exercise for Wilder Planks

4 Exercise for Wilder Planks
"Yo ho, yo ho, the frisky plank, 
You walks along it so, 
Till it goes down and you goes down 
To Davy Jones below!"
-Captain Hook, Peter Pan

The specs:
4 rounds of:
12 Mountain Climbers (holding handles)
12 Knee to Opposite Elbow (holding handles)
12 V-Outs
12 Super-monkiis

If I have learned one thing over all these years of monkii-ing, it's that simple works. I myself have become distracted by the ongoing bombardment of the 'latest-and-greatest', only to find myself lost in the desert crawling my way back to the promise land. Once I make it back, I always will find the 'Plank' there waiting for me. It's solid; it's effective; and there are a variety of ways to add some flavor to Planking. Recently, the majority of our Core training has involved using the footstraps. I love using these babies, but a good monkii also knows that exercise variety is key to an effective physical training program.

With all this in mind, we will be exploring 4 variations of the Plank today. This is not a workout to do for speed. Instead, move through each exercise as if you were moving through honey, slow and smooth. Feel the tension move diagonally across your body and try to shift the balance from side-to-side with as little excessive movement as possible. Lastly, I've been getting some really helpful feedback from monkiis, thank you! Feel free to drop me a line and let me know how I can make your monkii-ing better.

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