Outdoor Anchor 2

Sale price$ 39.99

Our new ultralight Outdoor Anchor is the ultimate companion for pocket monkii. The Outdoor Anchor allows for more versatility and extra length for the pocket monkii, monkii 360 or isocore x.

Because the webbing between the handles is shorter it can limit where you can set up the PM2 if you aren't using it on a door. We don't like limits placed on our wildness, so the Outdoor Anchor gives you more set up options! It functions similar to a hammock strap, you cinch the strap around an object (stair rail, beam, branch, pullup bar, very tall Sasquatch, and then you clip the pocket monkii into one of the daisy chain loops using a carabiner. That's it!

Expand your setup potential whether you are on the trail or in your backyard.

Length: 90"
Patented Nanoweave® Technology