Isocore X

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Isocore X is a shoulder strengthening system. It uses Dynamic Resistance to strengthen your shoulders through a huge range of motion. The irradiation grips help build grip strength and activate more muscles to help keep your shoulders strong, healthy, and wild. Synovial joints – like our shoulders – require movement to receive adequate nutrition.

The Isocore X - S3 training system ensures that you move your shoulders through a full range of motion. This helps to improve mobility and maintains your capacity for movement. Isocore X can be used daily to help combat the negative effects of excessive sitting and long periods of stillness. It’s especially useful for people working long hours behind a computer. Isocore X helps activate all the muscles around your shoulders to improve posture and promote healthy shoulders. Keep Isocore X in your home or office (or home office) where it can be used for no-sweat Microworkouts throughout the day. It’s the perfect tool for warming up before a more intense workout. Or, use Isocore X to loose up stiff shoulders and help prevent injury.

The included app and S3 training program show you exactly what to do. We walk you through quick and effective workouts that will help you build shoulders of liquid steel.

    ✅ Strengthen Primary + Stabilizer Muscles
    ✅ Increase Range of Motion 
    ✅ Prevent Injury & Reduce Pain

      Plus, you'll get that old-school grip strength.