Plank Variations

Plank Variations

This week's workout and podcast recording was a great opportunity to enjoy some environmental conditioning as well as get in a solid monkii session.

coreCore from Dip  Support (Static and Dynamic Strength Progression)

Core from Dip Support (Static and Dynamic Strength Progression)

Core training is the foundation for body hardening.

bicepsStatic Strength for monkiis

Static Strength for monkiis

This is a great exercise to do throughout the day in the 'grease-the-groove' style.

challenge100 Pullup Challenge!

100 Pullup Challenge!

For the past several years, I've made it a tradition to set the tone of each New Year by doing something challenging and WILD. I truly believe that this sets you into a momentum that will last a ve...

offsetOffset Exercise Training

Offset Exercise Training

It's about time to be more monkii and mix it up. Offsetting your monkii bars adds a whole new and functional training stimulus.

recoveryRecovery Yoga for monkiis

Recovery Yoga for monkiis

For me, the best recovery has always been a low-intensity aerobic activity along with some stretching/yoga.