20-Minute Full-Body monkii Workout (Cardio, Legs, Chest, Back)

20-Minute Full-Body monkii Workout (Cardio, Legs, Chest, Back)

Hey monkiis, I did this workout this morning and I am psyched to share it with you. It's simple and it works. This is an 'AMRAP' (As Many Rounds As Possible) style workout and due to the time domai...

corePre-Work monkii Core Routine

Pre-Work monkii Core Routine

Hey monkiis, I have made it a rule to do some form of exercise every morning. It could be all monkii-ing, it could be yoga, it could be going for a run, or it could be a few Squats before I have to...

legsLeg Blasters

Leg Blasters

monkiis do not skip leg day

movementWork Break Workout

Work Break Workout

As I dive deeper into training for optimal health (and wildness) I'm starting to believe that a solid foundation is built by integrating as much movement as possible into your life.

5 Minutes of Planking

5 Minutes of Planking

In this week's video we are going back to the basics and training the Plank.

coremonkii Hang - 5 Exercises

monkii Hang - 5 Exercises

There has been a lot of psyche around the isometric/static monkii exercises lately so I put together a 5-exercise progression of core movements from the monkii Hang.