Who We Are

Who We Are

monkii elders


We are regular 30-somethings with responsibilities, have-tos, bills, and experience the “suck” that life can produce daily.

However, this is where the monkii state-of-mind comes into play.

When we travel, we don't use the underwhelming hotel gym as an excuse to not exercise. We turn our hotel room into a world-class training facility through creativity and workouts designed for travel.

When we get busy, we don't skip workouts. Instead, we use the 'Lifehacker' section of the monkii App to get in a quick workout because we know that doing something is infinitely better than doing nothing.

When we stroll our 6-month-old around the suburban neighborhood, we don't actually stroll, we wear a weight vest to squeeze every drop of possibility from the precious time on our feet.

When we go outside, we turn our workout into an adventure. We have been known to climb to mountain tops just so they can have a better view during our workout session.