Recovery Yoga for monkiis

Recovery Yoga for monkiis
"Breathe in the Wildness"
-monkii Yoga Quote

Recover from all the WILDNESS.

This monkii Society approved recovery-Yoga session was inspired by my friend and longtime monkii, Mark. He sent a note after going on an epic trail run followed by some intense monkii-ing. As some of you may know all too well, this can tickle. So, to help expedite your recovery so you can get back out in the wild, I put together a Recovery Yoga session that incorporates the monkii bars.

For me, the best recovery has always been a low-intensity aerobic activity along with some stretching/yoga. The aerobic activity elevates body temperature so that the muscles can stretch further during the stretching/yoga. I believe that specifically for recovery, the yoga-esc elements are actually much better than just stretching. I try to keep an up-tempo pace which helps to increase venous return to the heart and helps 'clear' metabolic waste. In addition, the flow to the session helps to incrementally increase range-of-motion where during each rep you can go a little bit deeper into the pose.

As I mention in the video, I have been doing yoga for quite a while and believe it is integral to longterm health, mobility and flexibility. My one complaint is that there are never any stretches or poses that involve pulling. If you don't have monkiis, what can you pull on? I'll be continuing to experiment with including these hanging/pulling poses and if the response is positive, I look forward to creating more routines like this so we all can move wildly.

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