Leg Blasters

Leg Blasters
"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go."
― T.S. Eliot

monkiis do not skip leg day. I first came across this complex of exercises known as 'Leg Blasters' a few years back while exploring some training by Mountain Athlete. I quickly put them to use while traveling along the California coast and I particularly enjoyed their effectiveness and efficiency. The standard operating procedure in the traditional strength and conditioning philosophy is to train jumping (aka plyometric training) first or in a state on non-fatigue. There is a good reason for this practice. You want plyometric training to be done with excellent form and you want to train the neuromuscular pathways to be a fast as possible. However, the Leg Blaster protocol flips this on it's head asking you to do the jumping after your muscles have been pre-fatigued. This is where the magic happens. Because the muscles are already tired, when you get to the jumps you are forced to recruit more fibers as well as combat the burn associated with the increase in blood pH. Although this training will not necessarily improve your maximum vertical jump, it will build a super-solid chassis that are ready for the wild. Think about hiking in the Grand Canyon, skiing the Rockies, or a full day of surfing. You will need a wide range of fitness in your legs as well as the durability to handle the eccentric muscle actions. Eccentric muscle contractions are when a muscle lengthens under load. This type of contraction tends to produce more damage in the muscle and generally makes you significantly sorer than if you only did concentric muscle contractions. For most people, this will be the limiting factor for big adventure days so you can use the monkii Leg Blasters to properly prepare yourself for maximum Wildness.

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