Eat Wild or Die

League of Wildness,

I recently remembered that I often forget.

I forget the things that I value and I even forget the habits that have gotten me to where I am today.

One of those habits is a commitment to being disciplined before I go to the grocery store.

I also remain disciplined at the grocery store.

The reality is that if you do not have “unhealthy” food in your home you will not eat unhealthy food.

Put down that DoorDash app before I monkii-slap it from your hand. Discipline, man!

I mentioned forgetting and remembering because there is so much going on that I noticed a cycle where I’ll listen to a podcast, read a book, or simply come to a conclusion of my own and get really into the concept, but over time it will fade.

The general habit remains, but over time it will degrade at varying levels.

Then, I REMEMBER and equilibrium is restored to my universe until entropy wins once again.

The idea is to minimize the peaks and valleys as we battle our innate imperfect humanity.

Perfection is a myth.

Consistency is the answer.

One simple habit can make maintaining a consistent nutrition practice easy AF.

Make a grocery list and obey the grocery list.

Most of my meals are pretty boring:

Eggs and avocado.

Yogurt and fruit.

Steak and Sweet potato.

A banana or two.


The magic is in the boring-ness. These meals are super easy to prepare, still taste pretty dang good (especially with a little Redmond Real Salt), and I don’t really have to think about them.

The absence of junk in my home also means the absence of junk in my diet.

Do not welcome demons into your home - no matter how enticing.

At the same time - 

Is it your daughter's birthday? Eat the gosh darn cupcake.

Epic wild gym East Ruck sesh? Cheers those beers.

Anniversary? Wine and dine all night baby.

We want to live wild.

Kim and I just had an epic conversation about the concept of wildness - I wish I would have recorded it for a podcast.

You have to define what wildness means to you

I’ve always compared wildness to quality. You can recognize both and you know it when you see it. But defining them precisely is impossible in the general sense.

However - you can most certainly define what wildness means to you.

How do you define your one and only wild life?

While you consider that - I made a very basic shopping list of the primary items I keep in my home. It’s by no means comprehensive, but gives you a general sense of the foods I’m buying at the store.

My general philosophy is to have a combination of items that can all be mixed and matched together if I’m needing some novelty in my life. However, there’s nothing wrong with having your go-to meals if it helps you stay consistent.

Have a wild weekend and don’t forget to remember,

-Wildman Dan

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