Ultimate Wild Gym Ecosystem Bundle

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Everything you need for effective, full-body workouts.


  • wild gym Ruck
  • pocket monkii Suspension Trainer
  • monkii 360 Core Training System
  • Neon Buffalo Strength System
  • FREE access to the monkii app

The Ultimate wild gym Ecosystem Bundle includes all of our flagship products that will help you build strength, improve cardio, and increase your mobility.

The entire ecosystem fits easily in your home and you can also bring them with you when you travel so that you stay consistent.

The wild gym Ecosystem is perfect for those with:

  • Limited Strength
  • Limited Mobility
  • Limited Space
  • Feeling of overwhelm (our programs are easy to follow)
  • Back pain (our products strengthen your back which helps to reduce pain)
  • Busy Schedules
  • Kids to Manage
Rucking Backpack (Size): S/M
pocket monkii (Grip Color): Green
monkii 360 Core Trainer (Color): Teton Purple

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