4 monkii Stretches - Arms, Chest, Hips and Glutes

4 monkii Stretches - Arms, Chest, Hips and Glutes
“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”
― Albert Einstein

The specs
Start with 2 rounds of each exercise. Hold each exercise for 30-seconds or until you feel the mysterious change.
1. Triceps and Lat Stretch.
2. Chest and Biceps Stretch.
3. Lat Stretch #2.
4. Hip and Glute Stretch.

I think monkii-Albert is on to something. A good monkii training protocol should be constantly changing and improving. It's important to regularly perform a self-examination and see where there are opportunities for betterment. When I look at monkii training, I see that there could (and should) be more emphasis on mobility and flexibility. If you are more mobile and flexible, you can go through an increased range-of-motion (ROM) and therefore, you can increase the amount of work that must be performed by the muscles. In addition, training through increased ROM can help prevent injury. If your muscles are consistently stretched and lengthened, they are less likely to become injured when you are sprinting down the mountain, crossing a raging river, or working on the TACTICAL MANUAL. This is just another form of monkii-body-hardening and with a relatively minimal amount of effort, can make you significantly wilder. The #1 takeaway you should remember when stretching is to perform the exercise long enough that you feel a change in the muscle. This could take a few seconds or a few minutes. Experiment, learn and adapt. Most of all, BE WILD.

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