Monday Momentum 7.17.23


Wake up and go outside immediately for a 10 minute walk. Then, try out this 3-part workout. It can be completed in 30-40 minutes total and DOES NOT necessarily have to be completed in one block. You could spread the 3 sessions over the course of a day which it what I often do.

Don't have time? Make time.

Enjoy and Be Wild

-Wildman Dan


Mobility Flow

Go through 2-3 rounds of the following:

30-60 seconds Scap Rows

30-60 seconds Arm-Up Lunge

1-2-min Hip Drop L/R
Alternate sides every :30 for 1-2 minutes total. This one will be spicy so you do you.

1-min Warrior Dogs (Alternate Down dog + Warrior 1’s)

Wildness of the Day-WOD

Today's workout is a strength session meant to get you pumped up. Go through at a casual pace that allows you to bring focus and intensity to each set. 1 round = completing all 7 exercises. Rinse and repeat.

7 Rounds:

5-8 Single-Arm Row R
5-8 Single-Arm Row L

5-8 OH Oblique Crunch R
5-8 OH Oblique Crunch L

5-8 Bulgarian Split Squat R
5-8 Bulgarian Split Squat L

5-8 Body Saw


Flexibility Sesh

Perform each stretch for 1-minute MINIMUM.

  1. Knee Hug R/L
  2. Single-Arm Hang R/L
  3. V-Sit L/R

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