Monday Momentum 5.22.23


Wake up and go outside immediately for a 10 minute walk. Then, try out this 3-part workout. It can be completed in 30-40 minutes total and DOES NOT necessarily have to be completed in one block. You could spread the 3 sessions over the course of a day which it what I often do.

Don't have time? Make time.

Enjoy and Be Wild

-Wildman Dan


Mobility Flow

This flow is meant to be done 2x through, for 1 minute each exercise. 

1. Birdman

2. Throw it Down

3. Reverse Fly w/ Pause

4. Kang Squats

5. Alternating V-Sit



Wildness of the Day - WOD

The Wildness of the Day for today is a 3-5 round workout consisting of the following.

1. Zercher Carry 

(100-200 meters)

2. Push Press

(15 repetitions) 

3. Bent Over Row

(15 repetitions) 


The idea is to move continuously, but to do so at an intensity where you can keep your form tight. Focus on getting a satisfying muscular pump versus setting your lungs on fire. Enjoy the Wildness!



Flexibility Sesh

Hold each stretch for 1-minute each

1. Hang

2. Triceps Stretch

(Left and Right side)

3. Wide Forward Fold 

(Left, Right, and Center)

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