Brain Drain Workout - Chest and Arms

Brain Drain Workout - Chest and Arms
"Do something today that your future self will thank you for."
-Probably a few different people...

The Specs:
3-5 sets:
12 Pushups
10 Planche Pushups
8 Flys

We've all been there. You are feeling amped and can't wait to monkii. You get your system set up and everything is ready and primed to go. Except for one thing. "What workout should I do?". This critical and often challenging decision should not be taken lightly. So what's a monkii to do in this situation? Keep it simple which ultimately will keep everything wild.

This is one of my go-to workouts when time and/or brain power is limited. It's a hard enough workout that I feel accomplished, but still can be done quickly. You can also increase or decrease the volume to get the training stimulus that you are looking for. Lastly, I like to use this triplet as a nice finisher to a day on the trail or during breaks at monkii HQ. One set takes less than 1-minute so by spreading five, 1-minute micro-workouts throughout the day you can accomplish quite a bit. Remember, something is always better than nothing so make sure to get in your monkii-ing early and often.

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