Monday Momentum 6.12.23


Wake up and go outside immediately for a 10 minute walk. Then, try out this 3-part workout. It can be completed in 30-40 minutes total and DOES NOT necessarily have to be completed in one block. You could spread the 3 sessions over the course of a day which it what I often do.

Don't have time? Make time.

Enjoy and Be Wild

-Wildman Dan


Mobility Flow

Perform each Exercise Twice for 1-minute each

1. Scap Circles/Scap Rows

2. Forearm Alternators

3. Scorpions

4. Alt Iron Crosses

5. Jumping Good Morning

Wildness of the Day - WOD

The WOD today is a 12 minute circuit, but can be performed at whatever pace is suitable for you. The idea is to move continuously for 12 minutes at a pace that is sustainable.

8 Buffalo Cleans

8 Keg Toss R

8 Keg Toss L

8 Rows/Pullups


Flexibility Sesh

Each stretch should be held for 1-minute. Want to really improve your flexibility? Do two rounds.

1. Hang

2. Forearm Stretch

3. Child’s Pose

4. Lat Crossover Stretch R/L

*This stretch is perfect to do on Dash

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