The Little Things Matter Most

The Little Things Matter Most

The little things in life are what matter most.

I know that I myself, and many other people often focus on the 'big things' that are supposed to make us happier and more fulfilled. However, I believe that the opposite is true. Rather, it is the sum of a thousand little thoughts, actions, and decisions that lead to big outcomes.

What you eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner on a regular basis is what matters. If you regularly eat junk, you are going to get junky results. If instead you 'brown bag it' and bring your own lunch that you thoughtfully prepared and approach your nutrition like you are fueling a high-performance athlete, you will have more energy. This will lead to better workouts and ultimately better results.

Those few seconds of interaction when your spouse (or significant other) walks through the door in the evening matter. You can put in the effort to make them feel exceptionally welcome and missed, setting the trajectory for a pleasant night. Or, if you let your own stress/fatigue/frustrations inhibit a warm welcome, they may feel closed out and the night may be spent more distant.

During a long run, if you take the time to properly tie your shoes or stop to remove the small pebble that snuck in you will avoid getting blisters. This will help you run faster as well as significantly enhance your enjoyment of the experience.

When you take an extra few minutes to warm up properly and stretch before a workout, you drastically reduce your likelihood of injury. Since you do not get injured, you do not miss training sessions and you become more fit.

Choosing to do something instead of nothing, even when you are busy, tired, and stressed means that you have done infinitely more action that the converse. Even something as small as doing 1 rep per day for a year is 365 more reps than doing nothing. If you did 10 reps per day, that would be 3,650 reps more than zero.

When it comes to your monkii training, focus on consistently doing little things. Consistently do a few sets of Squats, Rows, and Pushups first thing in the morning. Bring your pocket monkii to work and do 5 reps every time you walk through the door. Stretch for 2-minutes every night before you go to bed. Eat real food at every meal. Expose yourself to short bouts of hot and cold. Get outside and monkii when you can. Walk as much as possible. Keep stress low, get good sleep and simply be Wild.

What is one little thing you can do today to set the momentum for tomorrow?

-monkii Dan


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