Chapter 3: Driving Home in the Fall

Chapter 3: Driving Home in the Fall

I started this morning scraping a thin layer of frost off the car window. It was thin and almost melted from the rays of the sun. Here in the north of Norway we all know winter is coming. This is not news, but king frost´s mistress was dressed in her most beautiful cloths and that is a sight best enjoyed slowly. Even better with coffee.



Most of the time, fall is a mix between the dark and the light. There is a joy of colors surrounding you. But this day, I guess she put on her best show, because on the road home, the sun was putting on a show, and the temperature was rising. Rising to high standards for northern Norway in the fall, that is. Meaning, that you now longer needed to be dressed for polar expeditions.

As I drove, I passed a small, but beautiful beach.



As a moving human being, I believe the biggest sin is standing still, or even worse, sitting! The sun gave a moment of beauty that would pass, and would be forgotten if not taken advantage of.

I parked the car and reached back for my monkii bars Minimalist.  As I walked down to the beach I searched for a spot to attach them. There were no trees, but I found a boulder with a sharp tip that would do.


What I needed was a Strong Break, but a challenge stared at me. This huge rock was laying there on the beach. I tried, but failed to lift it. An urge to move “it any way, any how” fired up through my spine. The challenge was accepted.


As I could see my footprints disappearing under the trail of the rock, it thought about this day. It had become ingrained as a memory, not just a fleeting moment. I stood for some time, just enjoying the daylight fading. An obstacle had been overcome. It was time to return home.

Workout: Office #1

15 Flys, V-Outs & Rows

12 Flys, V-Outs & Rows

9 Flys, V-Outs & Rows



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