Keep it legit - buy authentic monkii products only! 

When a brand like monkii transcends the industry and truly becomes a movement and lifestyle unlike anything seen before, knock-offs and imitators are bound to follow.  Unfortunately, we've recently discovered dozens of poorly made imitations of our products available on various places around the web.  These cheap knockoffs not only look like crap - they are crap! They seriously put people's safety at risk and deliver a sub-optimal workout experience. 

When you buy from, you can rest assured that you're getting genuine, high-quality monkii products that withstand heavy daily use by some of the world's most demanding users in some of the most exotic places on earth. 

Where can you buy authentic monkii?

Currently, the only place the buy genuine monkii products is right here on

A message to the evil-doers knocking off our products:

monkii knockoff

Please report counterfeiters. 

If you find a knockoff for sale on the web, please send us the details including links and screenshots to


If you're trying to save money, just use our DIY Guide and make your own.