3.28 Workouts per Day

League of Wildness,

I share what I do not because I think you should necessarily do the same. Rather, my hope is that my experience may inspire you to take some of the principles and make them your own.

Do what you can, with what you've got, where you are.

The only perfect fitness plan is consistent action. The following is what I have been doing to stay consistent with my workouts even as a father of 2, husband, and wild gym founder. 

On average I complete 3.28 workouts per day.

That equates to 23 total workouts sessions per week.

Here the breakdown:

  • 3-4 Rucks
  • 2-3 Runs
  • 5-6 Morning Yoga/Mobility
  • 3-5 “Classic” Workouts
  • 5 Post-Workout Stretches

Taking the top end of each totals 23 total sessions averaging 3.28 per day.

The beauty is that I can do 3 workouts in as little as 30-40 minutes TOTAL.

Here’s how:

10 minute morning Yoga
15 minute “Classic” Workout
5 minute Post-Workout Stretch
= 30 minutes total

For me personally, I like to be in the 90-120+ minute range most days, but when time gets tight it’s no problem to find room for 30 minutes spread throughout the day.

The challenge is you have to look. Or maybe, it’s that you have to have the desire to look and the discipline to take action.

On Rucking:

I’ve found that alternating Ruck days with Run has been right on. The best way I can describe what I’ve noticed is that the consistent Rucking has really built up my ‘chassis’ so I have a super solid, full-body foundation from which I can launch my runs and other fitness pursuits. Again, what I do might not be for everyone, but the Ruck-Run protocol has been awesome. 

You could totally do a Ruck-Walk or Ruck-Bike protocol as well. There is something about the regular load carrying via Rucking that has both increased my durability and resilience. 

Think you can do 3 workouts per day?
Give it a Ruck.

Have a wild weekend and I’ll see you out there!

-Wildman Dan

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