Monkiis with Benefits: The Overhead Workout

Monkiis with Benefits: The Overhead Workout
"If I'm not back in 5 minutes...just wait longer."  Ace Ventura 

The Specs:
3 sets of 10 reps of each:
Body Saw
Wild Pushup
Roll Out

On this Friday the monkii Elders want to present you with an opportunity. This opportunity is all about demonstrating what is possible with monkii bars and expanding your toolkit for being wild. We ask you to venture out and find the PERFECT overhead setup location for a monkii workout this week. It could be on a tree branch so that you can enjoy the shade provided by the spring foliage; you could set up on a basketball hoop down the street at the neighborhood park; you could even construct a new invention that allows you to train like no monkii has before. The #1 priority for your workout location is that you are able to move behind your anchor point. The video should help demonstrate what this means. This is going to help you fine-tune your positioning and go through more range-of-motion. Additionally, you may be able to do exercises that you were previously unable to do, or, you can add significant difficulty if you are feeling wilder. Let us know how it goes and thank you for choosing to work out differently.

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