We are now Wild Gym!

League of Wildness - 

We are excited to announce the return to our roots. The Wild Gym Company LLC - which you have come to know as “monkii” - is now officially wild gym. A new era of wildness is upon us.

What to expect:

  • Our new website is www.wildgym.com.
  • If you need help, send an email to info@wildgym.com.
  • Our Instagram handle is @wildgymco.
  • Our Facebook page is Wild Gym. Our Facebook handle is @wildgymco.
  • Our BRAND NEW TikTok account is @wildgymco.
  • pocket monkii 2, monkii 360, and all other monkii named products will keep their beloved monkii name - no change.

A quick background:

When we first launched the company back in 2013 the original product was a literal wild gym. These were large outdoor installations for parks, communities, schools, corporate campuses, etc. We got a ton of traction and worked for a year with the city of Fort Collins here in Colorado to install our first wild gym. Unfortunately, right before we were about to break ground the city backed out and we were left with nothing. Fortunately, we had our first prototype of the original monkii bars and decided to go all-in. If we couldn’t build wild gyms, we could equip people to take the “gym” into the wild. This pivot also inspired the infamous Hot Air Balloon Workout that received worldwide attention…and criticism… My parents were so proud that their son was featured in the “weird news” sections across the country.

After our first successful Kickstarter campaign, we transitioned the company name to “monkii bars”. It just made sense. It was sometime after the monkii bars 2 Kickstarter that we decided to shorten the brand name to “monkii”. This was a broader name that we could apply to products that were not bars. “monkii bars 360” just didn’t sound right.

Check out the original Wild Gym sketch circa 2013.

I hope this gives you some context as to why this is less of a “rebrand” and much more so a return to our roots. The original spark for launching the company was my time spent in the wilderness and after speaking with many of you - there is a shared affinity for wildness. I used to think that this meant you had to literally run up a mountain with a log on your back and do squats on the summit. Although that is rad and 100% wild - that’s not what it’s ultimately about. Wildness is mostly - a state of mind. It’s a connection to something greater than yourself and expanding your imagination of what is possible. It’s about an eternal transcendence of your formal self into something you might have never thought possible. We honor and respect the past, but look forward to the future. Change is inevitable. How you change is up to you. You are the hero of this story.

What now?

Well, there is A LOT of wildness ahead. We have officially fulfilled the Stoic Kickstarter rewards to everyone that has filled out their Backerkit survey - SA WEET!!! A week from now (April 29th, 2022) we will have shipped all the pocket monkii 2 Kickstarter rewards (as long as you fill out your survey - keep a watchful eye on your email). We cannot thank you enough for your patience and encouragement throughout the fulfillment process. There were myriad forces against us, but we made it and your support was integral. Thank you.

The Wild Day Challenge will start on June 1st and go until the summer solstice - aka The Wild Day - which is June 21st. This 21- Day challenge is ultimately about spending time outside. We will be framing this in the context of outdoor workouts, but as I mentioned previously you don’t need to live in the wilderness to participate. Anywhere works and will be beneficial. This could be your front porch, your backyard, or your local park. There will also be weekly sub-challenges and the “Misogi Days” June 17th - June 19th will be of exceptional wildness. Get your mind right. Stay tuned for more details and the challenge is FREE. We look forward to seeing you out there 


See you there,

-Dan & Kim

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