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League of Wildness,

I love having a plan.

Especially for my workout routine.

It keeps me accountable, consistent, and means that I do not have to think - just take action when it comes time to train.

When I go into a workout without a set plan, I create a workout on the fly that generally tends to favor my strengths and/or the exercises I enjoy most.

Unfortunately, this does not lead to the best outcome.

When I have a plan - I submit to the plan.

I willingly do the Burpees, Bulgarian Split Squats, Lunge Jumps, Grizzly Punches, and endless Planks because the plan says that they must be done.

Train weaknesses so that eventually they become strengths.


Following a training plan allows for objective measurement. 

Are you better physically and psychologically after completing the plan?

At wild gym - we think about “results” differently than the industrial fitness complex.

Ultimately - we want you to keep getting wilder and continually expand your imagination of what is possible.

It’s a noble way to live life.

But that does not mean that it is easy.

After completing a training plan you should be able to do more. 

Your capacity for physicality has increased.  

This could be the result of myriad changes that occur. 

This may include, but is not limited to:

-Getting stronger.

-Increasing your endurance.

-Improving mobility and flexibility.

-Building grit and mental toughness.

-General body hardening.

-Improving body composition.

-Developing new skills and movement patterns.

-Increased tolerance for pain.

-Experiencing joy through effort.

Results require thoughtful consistency.

Bottom line - you have to show up and do the work.

If you are looking for a plan the monkii app has dozens of plans and hundreds of individual workouts.

Many of you have been League of Wildness members for several years and we are eternally grateful for your support and dedication to wildness. Seriously - thank you.

I know that many of you may have completed many, if not all of these plans and might be looking for something fresh. Below are some ways you can combine plans in a novel way to create a legit program and keep the growth process in motion.

Ultimate plan for upper body strength, core, and cardio - Hybrid + Arms

Follow the Hybrid program as outlined in the app and after each Hybrid workout add in an Arm sesh from the pocket monkii Arms plan. Your arms will be pre-fatigued from the Hybrid sesh and use this to your advantage for an extra challenge for your arms. There are 6 arm workouts in the Arms section for pocket monkii. So, you will cycle through them 6 times as you move through the 36 day Hybrid program. See if you can do harder versions of the arm exercises by changing your body angle. Or, consider adding a few extra reps.

The best plan for leg strength and endurance - Legs + Cardio.

The order in which you do each workout should reflect your goal. If you want to focus on pure leg strength, do the pocket monkii Legs workout first and then do the Cardio monkii 360 workout. If you are more interested in improving your cardio - do the monkii 360 Cardio workout first followed by the pocket monkii Leg workout. There are 5 Leg workouts in the pocket monkii Leg plan. You can add a 6th pocket monkii leg workout by including the Leg Blaster workout (it’s legit). Pair a pocket monkii Leg workout with the monkii 360 Cardio workout so that you cycle through the 6 pocket monkii Leg workouts as you work through the monkii 360 Cardio workouts. Never skip leg day.

Develop shoulders of liquid steel and full-body fitness - Isocore X + Combo.

I use Isocore X every day to move my shoulders through a huge range-of-motion with resistance. My shoulders have never felt better. I suggest approaching this blend of workouts by using the Isocore X workout as a “warmup” to the Combo program. You can do the Isocore X “Quicky Shoulder Warmup” everyday in addition to another Isocore X “Sesh”. This will set you up for the intensity involved in the Combo workout and help to reduce the likelihood of injury. The Isocore X “warmup” will also help to prepare your grip for the Combo workout. The grip challenge when using monkii 360 tends to get overlooked and the Isocore X grips were made specifically to help strengthen the grip.

Build a core ready for the wild - pocket monkii Core + 360 Core.

This is a potent mix and should be approached with the proper respect for form. I strongly suggest starting with the pocket monkii Core workout and then doing the 360 Core workout to help ensure proper form. The type of core strength involved for the pocket monkii exercises is totally different from the monkii 360 exercises and I love this complementary nature. In general, training tends to over emphasize trunk flexion and extension in a very lineral manner. Monkii 360 totally blows that out of the water and offers a ton of novel movement to our trunk. As a side note - I believe this has a huge potential to help with back pain and injury prevention. pocket monkii training develops stability while monkii 360 introduces a huge range of motion to both build strength and increase our overall movement capacity. There are 20 pocket monkii Core workouts and the monkii 360 Core plan has 36 workouts. Pair a pocket monkii Core workout with a monkii 360 Core workout and repeat the pocket monkii Core workouts as necessary as you complete the 36 day monkii 360 Core plan.

I’d also like to give honorable mention to the new pocket monkii Flagship Program and pocket monkii + monkii 360 Combo program as standalone plans. We continue to receive 5-star approval from those who have ventured through the plans and I believe they are some of the best we’ve ever created.

For developing full-body strength the Flagship program is it. These workouts will generally take 10-15 minutes to complete. There is some cardio and for sure a ton of core as well. Exercises involve pocket monkii combined with several new bodyweight and calisthenics movements that are legit. I love that it trains strength, core and cardio while also introducing new ranges-of-motion which will help to enhance mobility and flexibility. The plan specifically builds durable-strength. Meaning - you’ll increase how many Rows or Presses you can do - and - you will be capable of adding distance to your next hike or time to a backyard play sesh with your family. 

The Combo program is a wild blend of core, cardio, and strength. These workouts will generally take 18-22 minutes to complete. The biggest difference from the Flagship (other than involving monkii 360 and pocket monkii) is going to be an emphasis on the cardiovascular training unique to monkii 360 where even though your lungs are on fire, you can still go on. Also inherent to monkii 360 is the emphasis on rotational training. The plan tends to use monkii 360 to jack up your heart rate and then challenges you to remain strong and stable when you switch to an exercise with pocket monkii. If you want to combine the best of monkii 360 and pocket monkii into one plan to rule them all - this is the chosen one.

Do you have questions about creating a plan?

What other training content would you like to see from wild gym?

Any other wild ideas?

If so, please respond to this email and let me know.

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