Road Trip workout

Road Trip workout
"Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road."
― Jack Kerouac

The specs
Do what you have time for. Feel free to add as much volume as you see fit.
Hip Toss - 20 total reps
Single-Leg RDL - 5 each side
Overhead Squat - 15 reps.
Overhead Lunge - 20 total reps.
Figure 4 - 20 total reps.
Y w/ Hinge - 12 reps.
Fly - 12 reps.
Calf Raise - 20 reps
Lat Stretch - As long as desired.
Rows - 10-20 depending on wildness desired.

I've done my share of long drives. My record is driving from Oakland, California to Missoula, Montana in ~18-hours. It was brutal. I remember my back seized up half-way across Nevada and there was nothing that I could do to loosen it up. It's not that there were not opportunities to move, I just failed to take advantage of them. This was 10 years ago. Since then, I've become more cognizant of the value of regular movement throughout the day. Now when I drive any significant distance, you can be guaranteed that all stops will involve Squats, Lunges, and monkii-ing. On this particular drive, I was fortunate to take my monkii break at a gorgeous Rocky Mountain pass. My goal was to move through as many different plans of motion as I could think of. I didn't necessarily want to get too wild as I'd be back in the car for another long stretch. Rather, the goal was to get out the funkness associated with sitting too long and oxygenate my body and mind. monkii Society tip: If possible, set up so that the handles hang in-line with a tire. This gives you a support for your feet, especially if there is loose gravel. I felt awesome after this combo and was surprised that I never really tightened up again the remainder of the drive. Try this out on your next long drive and feel the difference. monkii more!

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