Offset Exercise Training

Offset Exercise Training
"The universe rewards calculated risk and passion."
-Joe Rogan

3-5 sets of:
3-5 Offset Pullups
3-5 Offset Dips
5-10 Offset Pushups

People are creatures of habit, but monkiis are wild. I've started to notice that I need to be more monkii and less 'people' when it comes to the classics: Pullups, Pushups, and Dips. I've probably done tens of thousands of reps of these exercises but in the 'standard' form. It's about time to be more monkii and mix it up. Offsetting your monkii bars adds a whole new and functional training stimulus. When I'm out climbing, there is almost never a time when I am pulling with my arms perfectly even. In fact, it's pretty much the exact opposite. In the wild everything is uneven and unbalanced. I want to train for the WILD. In addition, I like to set challenging goals and something I've been chasing for a long time is the One-Arm Pullup. To achieve this goal, the Offset Pullups are a MUST. Even if you are still working on regular Pullups, there is a scaled version you can do use to continue to build your strength (check it out in the video). The Offset Dips and Pushups offer an entirely different feeling. When doing these exercises, I notice a transfer of tension diagonally across my body. Whether you are running a Spartan Race, climbing, or hiking this cross-body tension is a critical strength to build. Get out there and offset your monkii bars.

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