Morning Routine: Yoga + Monkii-ing

Morning Routine: Yoga + Monkii-ing

"The first thing you should do in the morning is monkii."
― Ancient monkii Proverb

The specs
For 10 minutes cycle through:
10 Rows
1 Round of the monkii-Flow
10 Pushups

There is something special about an early morning monkii session. For me, it's all about starting the day with movement, wildness, and a win. No matter how the rest of the day turns out, at least you did something physical. This is always better than doing nothing. In addition, a morning workout, or, what I consider to be more of a monkii-movement session is extremely helpful to improving mobility, flexibility and overall range of motion. In addition, warming up the body first thing will make you feel much better during a training session later in the day as well as help prevent injury. I've always thought of this as the 'frozen pond theory'. If during the night, the pond is going to freeze over you are much better off the next day if you go out during the night and break the ice. That way in the morning you only have a thin layer of ice to break through to get your water. However, if you let the pond freeze undisturbed, you spend the entire next day chipping through the ice. We can all agree that although this would be a great workout, we'd rather monkii. So, by 'breaking the ice' early in the day, you will be much better off later on. In today's video, I demonstrate a morning routine that combines monkii-ing with monkii-Yoga. Ideally, I like to do this for at least 10-minutes. The idea is to simply move back and forth between the Rows, monkii-Yoga, and Pushups for whatever amount of time you have. If you only have 4-minutes, no problem. Want to take it out to a half-an-hour? Go for it! Start the first found at a slower pace and increase the speed at which you flow each round. Remember, this is more about movement than it is about a mega-monkii-pump. Be cognizant of your ROM (range-of-motion) as well. See if you can go a little bit farther each round. Now, go have a wild day.

monkii on!


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