500 Rep Workout

500 Rep Workout
"Wildness equals freedom".
-monkii Proverb

Do all 50 reps of each exercise before moving on to the next exercise.
50 Wide Outs
50 Scissor Jumps
50 Cossacks
50 Single-Arm Row (25 with right arm and 25 with left arm)
50 Flys
50 Tucks
50 Mountain Climbers
50 Pushup (with feet in footstraps)
50 monkiiNados (alternating directions)
50 Superman Knee Drive (alternating legs)

I'd like to begin by saying how thankful I am for each and every monkii. I have been able to be a full-time monkii since August of 2016 and I owe that all to you. It certainly is not easy, but I truly believe that the struggle is what makes it all worth doing. I learn something everyday and I am constantly inspired by monkiis from all over the world doing wild things and working hard. Thank you again and know that myself and the other monkii Elders will do an exceptionally wild workout in your honor.

monkiis, today is a day that we look to you to uphold wildness. As you know, many non-monkiis will spend vast amounts of time walking through climate controlled malls, fighting for parking spots, and consuming highly-processed, un-wild foods. You must ignore the siren call that these lost souls will send out and instead, you should do every single last rep of this 500-rep monkii workout. Furthermore, we challenge you to take this workout OUTSIDE. As winter sets in, it is easy to find comfort at home or in the gym where you are protected from the elements. As monkiis, we love to and need to seek out opportunities for environmental conditioning. Take pride in your wildness. I also encourage you to find a source of motivation and accountability. Initiate a new monkii or check out on Instagram to see what your countrymen are up to.

This workout worked me pretty good. This is a 'chipper' style session and you do not need to do all the reps unbroken (although it sure is fun to try). More than anything keep your form tight and make every rep honorable. You have the fuel, now use it up.

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