Ruck Training Bundle

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This is the ultimate Ruck Training Bundle which includes:

  • Ruck100 Program
  • Mobility100 Program

These programs are hosted on the wild gym Fitr app which you'll get insta-access to immediately upon purchase.*
*We'll email you the access code.

Ruck100 Program Overview:

  • The Ruck100 Program is a 20 week program with 5 Workouts each week.
  • Each workout will combine Rucking along with additional resistance exercises using your Ruck Pack and bodyweight exercises.
  • Most workouts take around 60 minutes to complete and allow you do combine strength, core, and cardio into one workout.


Mobility100 Program Overview:

  • You will progress 14 individual Mobility and Flexibility sessions over the course of 15 weeks meaning at the end of the program you will have completed 100 Mobility and Flexibility workouts.
  • Each day includes both a Mobility and Flexibility session.
  • Combined - these will take 10-20 minutes per day.