Complete Ruck System

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Complete Ruck System Includes:

  • Ruck Pack
  • Removable Hip Belt
  • Self-Fill Weight Bag
  • Cargo Net
  • Choose a 10, 20 or 30 pound Weight Plate
Complete Rucking Bundle (Color): Grey
Complete Rucking Bundle (Size): S/M
Ruck Weights (Size): 10lbs

The Purpose Built Ruck

Ditch your everyday bag and Ruck Safely
No gym or personal trainer required!

What is Rucking?

Rucking is Low-Impact Strength Training.
Lower Impact than Running.

Build Full-Body Strength
Burns 3x More Calories Than Walking
Boost Your Confidence
Increase Bone Density
Improve Your Mood

Rucking burns at least 3-times more calories than walking.



Rucking is Strength Training.
Strength training builds stronger muscles, bones, tendon, ligaments, and joints.
Your body is anti-fragile, it gets stronger when challenged.
Join wild gym and become the strongest & wildest version of yourself.

Hi, Friend!

We're wild gym.

Customer Testimonials

Mike R.

Best Ruck

"I’ve had a lot of rucks from GoRuck®, and this one is the best. Period. The front straps and water bottle holder are perfect. The Ruck fits perfectly, hugs the back well, even with heavy weight. Love this and thank you for making such a perfect Ruck!"

Philipp P.

"Wild Gym creates innovative products targeted for the average individual to become the best self they can be. What I find much more inspiring are the transformations that happen when normal people introduce new fitness habits into their lives consistently. And this is what Wild Gym excels at."

Mary U.

"I love how Rucking fits seamlessly into my life! I was so pleased to note the difference in fitness from a year ago. I really savor feeling my body work hard on the incline and still being able to hold a conversation with my friend at the same time. I can't wait to do lots more!"

Regular Backpacks are NOT designed to safely carry heavy weight.
❌ Back Injuries
❌ Poor Posture
❌ Shoulder Pain
The wild gym Ruck provides a safe Rucking experience.
✅  Perfect Posture
✅ Balanced Carry
✅ Supportive Frame

What Makes Our Ruck Different

Contoured Back Support

Hugs your body and keeps the weight close.

Carrying Weight Builds Strength

Rucking builds full body strength and burns fat.

2 Dedicated Plate Pockets

Keeps the weight in the proper position high on your back.

rucking vest

Vest Inspired Design

Spreads the weight over a large area for the most comfortable fit and pockets for just about anything.

  • Water Bottle pocket and Reservoir Port for a Water Bladder
  • Phone Pocket
  • 2 Reflective Strips on Shoulder Straps
rucking backpack

Extreme Padding

For the most comfortable Rucking experience. Breathable Back Panel with extreme Padding.

  • Almost 1 inch of Padding on the Back Panel
  • Vented Design and Material for Moisture Control
  • Maximum Padding on the Shoulder Straps

Removable Hip Belt

Helps take the load off of your shoulders fr a more comfortable and stable Rucking experience.

Ridiculously Strong

The aluminum frame surrounds the back panel and the bottom of the Ruck. We overbuilt our Ruck so that it carries the load and takes pressure off your back.

Self-Fill Weight Bag

Fill this bag with sand, gravel, or anything else heavy. Designed to fit perfectly inside the Rucking Pack.

Cargo Net System

Allows you to carry odd sized objects and loads. Ruck your groceries or pet food.

2 Dedicated Plate Pockets

Keeps the weight in the optimal position on your back.

ruck backpack

The Ultimate Rucking Bundle

Get Outside. Walk.
Transform Your Body and Mind.


Add weight to your Ruck.


Go walk or hike.
Join our community of over 30,000 people who've decided to live wild.

"You're never too old to get wild!"

"I'm a 67 year of cancer survivor using Rucking to help stave off further osteoporosis.

It quickly became clear that my makeshift pack wasn't supporting properly and would hurt so I did finally order the wild gym Rucking Backpack. Big difference!"

Betty W. - Rucking Backpack Customer and Wild Person

Why You Should Ruck

Low Impact Exercise

Rucking is a low impact form of exercise while still burning at least 3 times the amount of calories as walking.

Get Outside

Rucking is inherently done outside which has multiple health and mood boosting benefits.

Build Strength

Rucking is a form of resistance training which helps build full-body strength.

Pet Friendly

Rucking is the perfect activity to do along with your furry friend to help with both your health and fitness.

Boost Your Mood

Exercise is a natural anti-depressant and getting outside helps even more.

Increase Bone Density

Rucking is an effective way to increase bone mineral density which is an important factor for health and longevity.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you're not completely satisfied and feeling wilder during the first 30 days we'll offer a refund - no questions asked.

Fast Shipping

Domestic orders ship 2-day standard.

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Lifetime Warranty

If your Ruck breaks from any design or manufacture flaw we will fix it for FREE!

Technical Specs


S/M: 3.75 pounds

L/XL: 4.25 pounds


S/M: 16.5"L x 11"W x 7"H

L/XL: 18.5"H x 12"W x 7"H

Plate Pocket Size

Both size Rucks will hold two 8.5" x 11.5" x 1.5" plates in the dedicated plate pockets.

*More weight can added to the interior of the pack.


Grey: Custom UHMWPE (15 times stronger than steel)

Black, Green, Blue: 600D Super Abrasion Resistant Poly


Lightweight, strong, high-grade aluminum frame

Laptop Compatability

Fits laptops up to 15.5" x 10"


S/M: 22L

L/XL: 27L


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Customer Reviews

Based on 75 reviews
Great ruck!

This is definitely one of the most comfortable rucks I have ever used. No military ruck even comes close. The 30 pound plate fits snugly within the ruck and it holds a 3 liter water bladder no problem. It has an awesome internal frame. Overall, it is a feature packed ruck at a very reasonable price, compared to the competition.

Brian Drumm

Highest quality and great community. I am shocked at how easy and effective rucking is. Most workouts in the gym feel fake and artificial. Rucking feels like tapping into human evolution. Doing something we are built to do

Jeremy Smith

I don't regret choosing Wild Gym over GoRuck. I choose Wild Gym because I wanted to get into backpacking. I'm never going to run. Running sucks. The versatility with the hip belt made Wild Gym a better fit for my goals. I do wish the frame was a little longer, though. I think the hip belt would fit a little better if it was.

Lee Sodic
Thank You

I received my Wild Gym ruck yesterday, loaded it up and put it to the test. I have used several different rucks over the last 35 years and it’s nice to finally get a ruck that delivers on the promises made about quality and comfort. Really happy Rucker…

Rick Humes
Love Wild Gym rucking

Your product is excellent. Super high quality. Thanks for making me aware of rucking and Wild Gym through your ads on Instagram. I’m an aging Boomer - 69 years old - that has cut back on my running. I still ride my bike, jump rope, lift, band, stretch, etc. I was hoping that rucking would fit right in to those activities, and so far, so good. Right now I’m going 20 lbs 3 times a week…about 6000 steps per session. Plan to keep increasing steps….I’m a very satisfied client. Thanks again, Rick