3 Exercises for Stronger Knees

3 Exercises for Stronger Knees
"More serious question - are there monkii exercises suitable for the muscles around the knees? My knees are becoming a problem...
Best wishes,
monkii Peter"

The Specs:
3 sets each of:
8 Single Leg Squats
8 Pistol Squats
8 Curtsy Squats

We at the monkii Society receive a decent amount of emails, notes, and smoke signals from monkiis asking all kinds of questions. We LOVE hearing from everyone and hope that we can help. Often times, the answer would be helpful to share with the entire monkii community and thus, why today's video exists. monkii Peter sent a message asking about exercises that he can do to strengthen his knees. monkiis ask and monkiis answer. Check out the video below for 3 exercises that we find to be exceptional at building strong and wild knees.

WARNING: There is some science talk... The biggest take away is that you can use monkii bars to help you go through more range-of-motion which will help strengthen your knees as well as improve mobility and flexibility. Please do not hesitate to send your questions our way. The entire community will benefit from your curiosity.

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