10-minute Intense Core Workout

10-minute Intense Core Workout
"Strong core; wild life."
― monkii Aphorism

The specs
Every Minute On the Minute for 10-minutes complete:
Minute 1: 20 Side Tuck - R
Minute 2: 20 Side Tuck - L
Minute 3: 20 Knee to Opposite Elbow
Minute 4: 20 Knee to Opposite Elbow (switch sides)
Minute 5: 20 Tuck
Minute 6: 20 Side Tuck - R
Minute 7: 20 Side Tuck - L
Minute 8: 20 Knee to Opposite Elbow
Minute 9: 20 Knee to Opposite Elbow (switch sides)
Minute 10: 20 Tuck

200 hundred reps in 10-minutes? SIGN ME UP! If you want intensity in your workout, include a time-constraint. Battling against the clock is a guaranteed way to make your workout wilder and keep yourself accountable. I also find this useful when I have a finite amount of time, I can chose a workout that fits in right where I need it to. This is an EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute) workout and the idea is to complete the 20 reps as fast as you can and then rest the remainder of the minute. You will do 2 rounds of 5 exercises to total 10-minutes of work and 200 reps. I made some slight variations to the Side Tuck exercise so check out the video if you are unsure of what the heck I'm talking about. Specifically, for this workout we are doing a 'Half Side Tuck'. Instead of using the momentum to swing your legs through to the other side, you have to decelerate and stop at the start position. This deceleration or 'anti-rotation' training is a subtle, but useful stimulus that translates well to real life. More often than not, the Core is serving to act as a stabilizer so you can run faster, climb harder, pedal further, or otherwise be more wild. Recently, when trying to push my pace while running down hill over rocky terrain, I could feel my Core muscles working to keep myself balanced. I found this to be particularly noticeable when the terrain would buck me and I had to resist my downhill momentum from throwing me to the ground. Let me know how this one goes. Stay accountable and stay wild!

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