Core Workout with Paused Reps

Core Workout with Paused Reps
"When in doubt, be wild."
-monkii proverb

The Specs:
3 Rounds:
8 Side Tucks (4 each side)
8 Pikes
8 Body Saw
*Pause for a beat at the top of each exercise.

No matter what you are doing for your monkii training, exercise variety is KEY. You can add variation to your workouts in a variety of ways and today we will explore how adding 'pause reps' can take a workout from wild to wilder. When you do core exercises using the footstraps, you can take advantage of the momentum generated at the beginning of each rep to make it easier to finish that rep. Today, we are going to take away that momentum, or, at least reduce it by requiring that you pause at the 'top' of each rep. This pause adds a significant amount of difficulty and really forces you to stay fully engaged throughout the entire exercise. The pause also increases your total time-under-tension which I believe is especially important when training your core. The longer you can stabilize your core, the better your movement quality will be as well as your ability to generate force. 
Stay wild!

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