3% for 30-Somethings™

Hey 30-Something,

We get it.

You can’t access your .edu email address anymore for cheap Spotify, but your student loans still haunt you, daily.

You share a small apartment with your roommate (aka spouse).

Your parents cut you off from their health insurance and changed their Netflix account password.

Your old way of coping (binge-drinking) isn’t really a feasible solution anymore....

...because you're pregnant. 

We are right there with you….

That’s why we launched the world’s first 3% for 30-Somethings™ program.  If you are a 30-something, use promo code ADULTING and instantly knock 3% off your total purchase here at monkii.co 

We know it’s only a small gesture, but we hope that it makes this decade a little bit easier.

Be Wild,

The monkii Elders (30-Somethings)