Dose of Wildness: 7 Minute Advanced Wild Workout

Dose of Wildness: 7 Minute Advanced Wild Workout
"Train your mind to see the workout opportunity in every environment."
― monkii Proverb

The specs
For 7 minutes, complete as many rounds as possible of:
7 L-Pullups (Sub with Pullups, Jump Pullups, or Rows)
7 Overhead Squats (Sub with Squats)
7 Rock Curls (Sub with monkii Curls)
7 Rock Press (Sub with Pushups or Handstand Pushups)
*The idea is to complete 7 reps of each exercise as many times as possible in a 7-minute time frame. DO NOT stop moving until the clock hits zero.

When you become a monkii, you take on a new responsibility to hold yourself to a higher standard. You start to recognize that there are training opportunities all around you, all day long. You sprint up the stairs to work instead of taking the elevator; you carry heavy bags of groceries back to your apartment instead of driving; you get in a workout even when you "don't have time". You also become more and more creative about where and how you workout. Every tree, piece of modern art, as well as most well-supported features of your home become potential monkii setup spots. You don't let weather or inconvenience get in the way of training. Instead, you embrace the cold and do something even when the last thing you want to do is train. The monkii life isn't always easy, but that's kind of the point. I was psyched to get out in the wild for today's workout. It's not super long, but it sure was spicy. I recognize that you all may not have ready access to rocks and logs laying about. If that is the case, you can substitute Overhead Log Squats with Squats, Rock Curls can be monkii Curls, and you can do Pushups or Handstand Pushups for the Press. Or, come up with something that you think fits. I also realize that the L-Pullup may be a challenge. Two things you should do: 1) Continue to get stronger and 2) Substitute the L-Pullup with Pullups/Jump Pullups/Rows (at a challenging angle). I strongly encourage every monkii to get out in the wild for this one. I'll let you define 'wild' and I think you'll know it when you get there.

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