Chapter 4: A Change in Latitude

Chapter 4: A Change in Latitude

As all deskbound warriors know, not moving is the silent killer of dreams. I am lucky enough not having to wear a tie, but not being able to move would just be cruel. Sometimes, after a day caged in the office, for some reason I just want to run up a mountain. Today, that is what I did.

I had been there before, but the slow uphill of Offersøykammen, gave a view worth living for.

adventures with erl

adventures with erl map

All I needed was a coffee and a change, and I drove on. It is the time of year, when sunlight is a precious commodity, and the light was slowly going down in the sea. Northern Norway is known for its midnight sun in the summer, but there are few things as beautiful as the early sundown of fall. I won´t tell you too much about winter sun, cause there is none.

adventures with erl

adventures with erl

adventures with erl

As I ascended, I felt the rugged ground -­ the uneven terrain that made your feet come alive and sharpened your senses. It was wild. I felt like jumping from the rocks just to balance out the day of standing on leveled ground. My heart pounded as my heavy breath turned to fog in the cold weather. You could really feel the difference from ground level.

I came to a tree with just the right angle for setting up the monkii bars. As I still had more than 40 minutes to the top, I decided this was the moment. I didn’t have that much sunlight left, and the view was amazing!

The focus of this monkii bars workout would be upper body.  I knew the trail would take care of the rest.

monkii bars workout norway

But the feeling when you sit down on the top makes it all worth it. The view of Lofoten from Offerøyskammen is something you really should see once in your life. I sat down, and watched as the sun disappeared behind the mountains.

Some days, a change in latitude is what you need to connect with the wildness.

monkii bars norway


Incline Pushups – 20 reps

Flys –  2x10 reps

Rows – 4x15 reps


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