Monday Momentum 5.8.23


Wake up and go outside immediately for a 10 minute walk. Then, try out this 3-part workout. It can be completed in 30-40 minutes total and DOES NOT necessarily have to be completed in one block. You could spread the 3 sessions over the course of a day which it what I often do.

Don't have time? Make time.

Enjoy and Be Wild

Mobility Flow

This flow is meant to be done 2x through, for 1 minute each exercise. 

1. Wrist Circles

:30 sec one direction, :30 sec in the other direction, for 1-minute total.

2. Shoulder Floss

Floss back and forth for 1-minute.

3. Samson’s

1-minute on the right, 1-minute on the left, lunging forward and folding.

4. Cossack + Knee Drop 

(substitute versions with pocket monkii for this exercise are demonstrated in the full mobility flow walkthrough)

5. Iron Crosses

Alternating back and forth switching legs in the center for 1-minute total.


Wildness of the Day - WOD

The Wildness of the Day today is a 12-15 minute circuit.  Let's get it done ✅ 

10 Squats (If needed, pocket monkii is a great assistant)

10 Rows

10 Pushup/Press (10 reps chest to deck, or modified variations, such as pocket monkii Presses)

10 Situps (10 reps either locking down your feet, or traditional sit-ups.)

The idea is to keep moving for 12-15 minutes with minimal breaks. Find a pace that you can maintain the entire time, but avoid "redlining" anytime during the workout.


Flexibility Sesh

Hold each stretch for 1-minute each

1. Gorge of Despair

Legs on the wall, big open V for 1-minute. 

2. Weighted Pumpkin

Using a kettle bell or weight, sink into a squat, and marinate in the bottom position for 1-minute.

 3. Chest Stretch

(Using pocket monkii) Slowly ease into a point of mild tension, stretch for 1-minute 

4. KOT Lunge Hold R/L

Knees Over Toes Lunge Hold, working on ankle and knee flexibility.

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