Tactical Training 2: Quest for the Misogi

Tactical Training 2: Quest for the Misogi

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(This premium training works with monkii bars and pocket monkii only.)

We all live in a prison that we've created for ourselves. This prison is made of self-doubt, fear and a desire to be comfortable. Use the Tactical Training 2 Program to free yourself and more importantly, free your mind, by going through the ancient monkii ritual of Misogi. 


// 3 Insane Sections

monkii Camp
Three months of preparatory training to make your body strong and your mind wild. 

The Initiation
Inspired by the legendary Navy Seal "hell week," you'll complete six extreme workouts over 5 days.

The details of the Misogi are secrets of the monkii Society.  However, know that your perspective on what is possible will forever be changed.

// Incredible imagery to motivate and terrify you into action

// Advanced monkii movements not available through our other training programs

// Clues leading to the location of the secret Golden monkii bars

// An opportunity to be initiated into The Monkii Society


You will receive access to a digital copy.