They’re going wild about monkii:

Outside Magazine

“Because the Monkii Bars can be used and stored almost anywhere, you’ll have no more excuses for not working out.”

Mark's Daily Apple

“A lightweight, portable system that sets up in under a minute and lets you workout anywhere, anytime”

The Atlantic

“A new anytime exercise idea is getting a lot of attention, at least among those inclined to venture into nature and hang from things.”


“Forget going to the gym — take the gym with you with a pair of Monkii Bars.”

Tabata Times

“The portable, lightweight and sexy design makes them easy to bring camping, on a trail run, to the office, on vacation to Europe or even for a quick WOD at home.”

The Today Show

“That is what you call extreme working out.”

Breaking Muscle

“Living in the wilderness and using nature as my gym truly changed me and my philosophy on training.”


“Body weight training can add a lot to a workout, and a new product out of Boulder, Colo., provides a versatile platform to switch up your routine darned near anywhere.”

Yanko Design

“They are the sort of bars that you can carry anywhere and pack in a quick workout routine.”

Less Doing

“They are like a super sexy version of TRX.”

Run Oregon

“monkii bars are a pretty fun way to get a workout and don’t be surprised if someone walks up to you and asks what they are all about.”


“Very few of us actually enjoy going to the gym, and the Monkii Bars have been developed to make it easier to set up a workout at home, the office or wherever else you happen to be.”

Hans Florine, One of the World's Fastest Climbers

“…so much more elegant than the complicated mess of clips, clamps, tabs, and logo patches that are indicative on all the other competitors…”


“…this training tool is a great way to sneak in workouts before heading to the office, during lunch breaks, or even on camping and hiking trips.”


“…transforming into a set of gymnast rings for solid resistance training wherever and whenever you find some spare time.”

Ben Greenfield Fitness

“Exercising in natural environments was associated with greater feelings of vitality, increased energy and positive engagement, along with decreased stress, confusion, anger and depression.”