Backpacker Training Program: A 9-Week Progression to Prepare you for Outdoor Adventures

Backpacker Training Program: A 9-Week Progression to Prepare you for Outdoor Adventures

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This is why we workout: to go farther, see more, and experience wildness in the outdoors. This Digital Training program will prepare you for your next long hike, backpack, or any other adventure.  Whatever you are training for, we are certain that at the end of the day, your S’Mores will taste better.

This program was inspired by project between Ted Alverez, writer for Backpacker Magazine and monkii Dan. Ted was looking for a way to train outside more and thought that monkii bars would be the perfect fit. Ted and Dan’s initial training session included a 6-mile trek through thigh deep snow, 40 mph winds, and sub-zero temperatures. After this baptism by fire (or ice?), Dan provided Ted with a 9-week program to enhance his outdoor excursions.

Here is what Backpacker Magazine had to say about the program:

“I start noticing real changes when I incorporate Vinson’s detailed Wild Gym plans. Incremental progress becomes exponential as I increase the length of my interval sprints, the number of burpees, pull-ups, or V-outs I can do from the big-leafed maples that crown a punishing hill in a nearby city park. I’m jumping belt notches, and hidden obliques start to wink at me as the pounds drop off. Instead of dreading the workout, I get hooked: on fresh air charring my lungs to a crisp, the feel of dirt wedging into my nails, cold rain pouring on me while I’m burning inside, maxed out and panting.”

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  • 27 Challenging Workouts over 9 Weeks
  • 2 Progression Cycles – Weeks 1-3 will increase in difficulty each week. Week 4 will be a “De-Load” week. Weeks 5-9 will continue to increase in intensity so that by the end of the final week you will be more than ready for any trail, mountain, or environment.
  • Full Workout Descriptions – Each workout has an introduction that discusses the intended goals of the training session as well as any additional ‘training tips’ to get the most out of the time you put in.
  • Video Demonstration of Each Workout
  • 100% Wild
  • Digital Access & Downloadable* 


*Upon purchasing this manual, you will be emailed a password to access and download the digital content.